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Questions – Opening the Door of Transformation

Happy New Year everyone on the Gregorian calendar system!

I have a feeling 2017 will make 2016 look like a cake walk, but that’s generally how it goes with transformation. It’s really uncomfortable. I also think this will be a year of growth, and hopefully the Light Bearers will be up to the task! No hiding allowed (says the anonymous PotI).

I said in a recent post that we are on our way to becoming fully aware of the Truth that All Is One, and that it was one of those energetic waves that could not be stopped. I’m going to build on a tiny piece of the concept of All Is One and the role of the Light Bearers.

By Light Bearers, I’m referring to any and everybody out there who is asking the tough questions like “who are we now and who do we want to be?”, “what do we truly value?”, “what is our shadow?” etc. These are questions that invoke transformation, questions that get the soul engaged, questions even that get the ego engaged or enraged, sometimes both. But these questions open doors and create a ripple effect. Because I know that All Is One, I also know that these ripples will ultimately reach the farthest corners. Now “timeline” is another component, and based on human history it often takes between 75 and 200 years for questions to become statements, so we’re on a beyond-my-lifetime timeline for all of this.

For our family new years, we decided to do a tarot reading. The overwhelming theme that came up over and over again for everyone in my family was Pentacles — the earthly results, that which is valued. Interestingly, I had been musing on how to recognize my true needs from those which had been given to me, and how to go about fixing this. The readings prompted me to mention this, and mention that this was also true of my values. Today, another family member asked a question which led to a discussion on owning successes but quickly delved deeper to realizing that we celebrate what we value, and how to identify internal versus external values.

I was chuckling to myself because this was a conversational ripple which was sparked by my statement the previous night about values and needs. Now which one came first is completely immaterial, but that the same questions are being asked from different people in the same household got me to thinking about the Light Bearers and their job.

One of the statements that I made is that we as a culture in the US need to start figuring out Who We Are, and What We Value. Right now, we are indeed the Divided States of American and honey, our motto is “united we stand” but the “divided we fall” is part of the mindset. We are not united, because we’ve lost touch with the Age of Enlightenment vision that our founders were so strongly moved by that they went to war over them. What is our Vision of who we are right now? Unfortunately, for many it’s stuff based and ironically that isn’t real. I was pissed when I started hearing that the American dream was owning a home, because that was a perversion of the true dream. Alas, it kept sliding downhill until the “dream” was perverted to the point of having the stuff you want. What a shit vision!!! With no basis in Soul at all.

I guess that was a bit of an off-topic rant there, sorry. My point is that for every question, for every observation, or every individual willing to hold the door for transformation (which is what a question does), the more the collective begins to ripple.


Who Are We as a people?


About the featured image: Ironically, it’s business and marketing which are delving most into values and how they influence things, but they are doing it from the “how to sell more stuff” perspective. A soul question living in the ego realm. Hrm.