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Another note on Wands

Yesterday I reviewed a conversation about why wands were a symbol for air. Today I’m at work and suddenly a picture pops into my head:

Followed immediately by the question: Why doesn’t the Scarlet Witch use a wand?

The answer is pretty easy if you think about it: perspective. The Marvel universe doesn’t really feature “magic”; she herself doesn’t seem to see what she does as “magic”. Now I’m not a huge Marvel Universe aficionado – I’ve seen the movies, that’s about it. But I have friends who are, and I confirmed with them that what she focuses and gives shape to is the energy of herself and the world around her. She’s a mutant, and her ability is not some metaphysical something beyond herself. It’s inborn, part of herself. She uses her own body to give it shape, and her hands are the material component which grounds her will into reality, not an external component like the wand.

In another post a few days I was torn between adopting tools or not. I think my brain threw this question at me in response to that quandary — urging me to consider how do I view what I do. Is the energy that I work with external or internal? I view it as internal, and extension of me. I call it forth and give it form through intention and action, but it’s still me, my energy, my connection to the world around me, my will. What would the Scarlet Witch do with a wand??

So I think the question of whether or not to use tools is actually a question of “what are you doing?” or, more specifically, “where is the power coming from?” Knowing that then allows me to answer the question of whether or not to use tools.

Another thing of note: the Scarlet Witch doesn’t create something out of nothing. Wizards/Witches with their wands/staves … do. Both affect the world, both use unseen forces to do their will, but wand users tend to think anything is possible if they know the right combinations.

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On Wands

While driving long distance one day, I was attempting to keep myself awake by verbally exploring a variety of ideas. The entire Earth series came out of this, to which I will return shortly. One of the things that I was talking about during this drive was the association of sword with fire and wands with air. Now, sword and fire I totally see. The metal is forged in fire. But wands and … air? Why would air and wood go together?

Then a picture popped into my head.

Followed by another.

Then another.

Three story wizards that I personally really like. All 3, plus all of their in-story magic using characters, use wands with their magic. Huh, I thought to myself. Why? It’s pretty interesting that I can answer myself at times like these, and so I did.

Because the wand as a tool helps the wizard shape his will through the magic. The magic is the raw stuff, but he has to shape it, give it form and direction. The wand is the foci. He doesn’t NEED the wand, not really. It’s a tool, shaping thoughts in a tangible, perceivable way. “Move the wand like this and speak (air) the words (air) in order to affect the material (earth) world.” So the staff, the rod, the wand are associated with the air element because the air element is associated with mental processes, words and ideas. It’s not a walking stick that is intended, not a cane or a tree branch — but a magician’s wand, in whatever size or shape that may be.

Likewise, the wand is a physical thing, with the most powerful of magic usually coming through special woods and the like because this is a representation of earth. The wand is the bridge that connects air and earth, ideas with manifestation.