Reincarnation, Spirituality

Irrelevant Relevancies …

Long ago, I had a metaphysics discussion with a friend who had a very different foundation from me. We were talking about reincarnation and he said something or other to the effect of “that doesn’t take into account the rise in population.”

Completely and utterly baffled by this statement, I replied “No, improvements in sanitation and medicine do.” And we went on with the conversation.

His statement so dumbfounded me that it played in the back back back corners of my mind as I chewed through “what the hell did he mean by this?? how is the rise in population relevant to a┬ádiscussion about reincarnation????”

Then one day, years later, it dawned on me: he thought that the pool of human souls was a static and finite one, and that by “recycling” to come back and live again eventually we’d run out and there just wouldn’t be enough souls to do that with. Since our population is now above whatever finite number he had in mind, then obviously reincarnation is impossible.

*slow blink* OMG. Clearly, that concept was beyond foreign because it literally took me over a decade to understand where he was coming from.